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What the heck happened with S9 and S10 in race 2?

Subject: RE: Diamond Peak Race change
Date: January 29, 2004 8:51:37 AM PST

Good Morning,

After reports of many discrepancies in the results for the Intermediate (S9s and S10s) course at last Saturday's Diamond Peak race, we've now found out that they had a fault in the wiring of the timing system. So, after an emergency SLRC meeting last night, we've decided to declare the results of that course null and void, and will hold a make-up course for the S9s and S10s during the next race weekend at Alpine Meadows.

Note that the wiring problem was fixed after the S9s and S10s had completed their runs, and no other classes were affected.

Melissa has posted updated results for races 2 and 3 with the S9s and S10 times removed from race 2.


-----message #2 concerning this topic-----

A bit more info for you.

As I said, this applies only to the S9s and S10s. Only those who actually completed Saturday's course without a DNF or DQ will be allowed to run the make-up race. Your points and any strikes for last Saturday have been wiped, and you will get to run a make-up slalom (not dual-slalom) race at Alpine Meadows on Saturday Feb 7th.

So, on that day, after running the intermediate course (probably at 10am) we will re-set the gates (if necessary) and those of you who completed the Diamond Peak intermediate course will take a 2nd run. The times for that 2nd run will be registered as a separate race for you. Don't forget to take your 2nd run !!!!!!!

If any of you should get a 2nd strike on the first run it won't count towards bumping up your class for the 2nd run, but you will then get bumped up going into Sunday's race.

Anyone who ran the Diamond Peak intermediate course but can't attend the make-up race is basically SOL, so there's extra incentive for you to make that race weekend.

The problem at Diamond Peak, so far as we can make out, was that their guys got the wires crossed between the red and blue courses so that when you crossed the finish line you stopped your opponent's clock. Hence, in cases where one racer started significantly later than the other and didn't catch them up, that racer would get a very fast time since their timer was started late and then stopped early by their opponent. Luckily the eagle-eyed Melissa spotted them re-working the wiring after the race, as did Dennis Heffley, and when we questioned them about it they admitted to having it wired wrong for you guys.

We discussed a couple of alternatives, but felt that this was the fairest way to deal with the problem. And hey, you get an extra run for free - can't be bad!


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